International Bilingual Kindergarten and Nursery, Zabłocie Business Park, Cracow


About the facility

The facility can accommodate up to 100 children on an area of 400 m². There are four modern and safely furnished rooms, each with direct access to bathroom. The area for the youngest children is fenced and a safe tiled surface is be used. Feel free to contact us about more details.

Zabłocie Business Park is a modern A-class office complex located at Zabłocie and Romanowicza streets, in the attractive Zabłocie district, located very close to the center of Cracow. This location is a great compromise between convenient and quick commuting to work, while being away from the crowded and busy center of the city.

Each group of children is cared for by two teachers – only Polish and only English speaking. The English speaking teachers use the bilingual program (“Dwujęzyczny Świat Dzieci”) based on a remarkably effective language immersion method. It immerses the child in a foreign language while in the middle of many different activities. Thanks to this method the child acquires the foreign language in a practical and natural way on a native speaker level. The content of both Polish and English language curriculum interchange and due to this, the children can discover the surrounding world in two languages.

In our kindergarten, we care about comprehensive and harmonic child’s development using the incredible receptiveness of our pupils’ minds in their first years of life. The realising of the MEN core curriculum was complemented with a proprietary emotional intelligence and social competence development programme developed by experienced teachers together with child psychologists. We teach kids crucial competence such as critical thinking, recognising emotions, respect for others, cooperation.

KIDS&Co. kindergarten and nursery is attractively equipped and modern. The rooms are very well lightened spacious and interestingly coloured. The children’s rooms have beautiful attested furniture.

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Layout of the rooms in the Zabłocie Business Park facility

Adres przedszkola Address
Zabłocie Business Park
ul. Zabłocie 43B
30-701 Kraków
Godziny otwarcia przedszkola Opening Hours
Monday To Friday
from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Dyrektor przedszkola Headmaster
Lokalizacja przedszkola Localization and access

Kids&Co. Quality

Conscious Nutrition
Conscious Nutrition
We provide children with nutritious and balanced meals prepared by using the macrobiotic diet principles We avoid sugar and processed food helping children to develop healthy eating habits.
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Education of the Future
Education of the Future
We focus on developing skills, which will provide children with courage to navigate in the adult world, enable them to work in jobs that don’t exist today and use tools that haven’t been invented yet.
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Social Skills
Social Skills
Developing proper standards of behaviour is as important as learning to read. We teach children how to confidently explore the world, build proper relationships with others, recognize and control emotions.
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Natural Bilingualism
Natural Bilingualism
We use the language immersion technique. From the moment they start their education in our facilities, children are immersed in an English-speaking environment. All-day contact with a foreign language helps them acquire it in a natural way.
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