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About the facility

The KIDS&Co. kindergarten ensures not only the professional realization of the Ministry of Education’s plan, English-speaking education which shapes children’s natural bilingualism and an original programme developing social skills and emotional intelligence. It also offers a warm and family atmosphere, thanks to which children come here with enthusiasm and explore the world feeling safe and accepted.

The kindergarten staff – “aunts” and “uncles” – is a team of young, sensitive and creative teachers who constantly improve their qualifications. Together we take care of the comprehensive development of children, taking into account their individual needs and capabilities.  Groups consist of up to 25 children. Each group is supervised by a Polish-speaking and English-speaking teacher, who communicates with children only in English.

The kindergarten’s day schedule is designed to maintain a balance between free play, outdoor play (arranged almost in any weather) and classes. Throughout the day, children have constant contact with both Polish and English, which helps them develop natural language skills, at the level of a native speaker.

Colours and details used in the interiors of our kindergarten are carefully selected so that they correspond with the age of children, stimulate their creativity and help in realizing all didactic, educational and caring tasks in a given age group. They are not only aesthetic, made of the highest quality materials but also designed to help children concentrate during classes. Our kindergarten is also equipped with modern teaching equipment, including a multimedia whiteboard, which teachers use during classes and free time (film screenings, dancing classes).

In our kindergartens we put special emphasis on high quality food. Our daily menu is based on local, unprocessed products, mainly groats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish and healthy fats. Incorporating elements of macrobiotics allows us to strengthen children’s immune system and provide them with energy every day. Everyone knows that self-prepared food tastes much better. We encourage children to participate in preparing and decorating sandwiches for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

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Adres przedszkola Address
Wronia 31
00-846 Warsaw
Godziny otwarcia przedszkola Opening Hours
From 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Dyrektor przedszkola Headmaster
Lokalizacja przedszkola Localization and access
The kindergarten is located in the Warsaw Spire office building in the vicinity of Rondo Daszyńskiego. The localization in the centre of Warsaw, near one of the main transport hubs, provides excellent connections to all districts of the city. Within a few minutes on foot there is a M2 metro station and numerous tram and bus stops. The kindergarten is located 2 tram stops from the nearest suburban train station (SKM) or a few minutes by subway from the National Stadium station.

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Kids&Co. Quality

Conscious Nutrition
Conscious Nutrition
We provide children with nutritious and balanced meals prepared by using the macrobiotic diet principles We avoid sugar and processed food helping children to develop healthy eating habits.
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Education of the Future
Education of the Future
We focus on developing skills, which will provide children with courage to navigate in the adult world, enable them to work in jobs that don’t exist today and use tools that haven’t been invented yet.
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Social Skills
Social Skills
Developing proper standards of behaviour is as important as learning to read. We teach children how to confidently explore the world, build proper relationships with others, recognize and control emotions.
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Natural Bilingualism
Natural Bilingualism
We use the language immersion technique. From the moment they start their education in our facilities, children are immersed in an English-speaking environment. All-day contact with a foreign language helps them acquire it in a natural way.
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