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Our Mission

When establishing our first KIDS&Co. kindergartens and nurseries, our aim was to help parents combine two very important roles in their lives – that of a parent and an employee. That’s why we decided to open our facilities in the most convenient localizations, in the immediate vicinity of large workplaces. By facilitating everyday logistics, we wanted families to save some time and spend it together.

We persuaded employers to help their employees by establishing company kindergartens and supporting these facilities financially. Thanks to our efforts, the place where a parent leaves every morning their child is very often located a few floors down or can be seen through their office windows. This provides them with huge comfort and a sense of security and helps them focus more efficiently on their tasks.

However, at KIDS&Co. being close is not enough. Our vision of a perfect kindergarten quickly evolved becoming more complex and deeper. Every parent wants the highest level care and education for their child. We’ve decided to offer them more than they expected.

Let’s meet!

We invite all of you to an individual meeting with the headteacher. This will be a great opportunity to find out about our educational offer, ask questions, and visit the kindergarten.

Why Us?

We educate for the future

As one of the first in Poland, we’ve introduced bilingual education. For 17 years, we’ve been systematically building our original programme of emotional intelligence and social skills development. We teach children skills in the field of experimental sciences, coding, robotics and show them how they can creatively use state-of-the-art technologies. With this in mind, we seek cooperation with leading technology companies and our facilities offer cutting-edge learning materials as well as multimedia devices.

We are open to
and international cooperation

We create kindergartens open to people, spaces for dialogue, linguistic freedom and diversity. We establish numerous partnerships with cultural and scientific institutions as well as foreign kindergartens. We work every day with English-speaking teachers, developmental psychology specialists, dietitians, bloggers. But most of all, we encourage parents to actively participate in the kindergarten life. We wish them to feel that KIDS&Co. is our joint project that we realize with and for them.

All our kindergartens are designed and run in Premium standard

We provide a cohesive and holistic approach to bringing up children, education and kindergarten management. The interiors of our facilities are designed based on studies how space design and colour arrangement influence children’s development. Bilingualism, numerous movement exercises, immune-boosting nutrition that develops healthy eating habits, our original programme of social skills development and cooperation with leading specialists and foreign partners allow us to offer children much more than what is covered by educational core curriculum.

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