Learn Spanish by fully immersing into the language

Mini Colorín Colorado — español, robots y teclado

It Is a comprehensive, engaging, child-friendly method, primarily addressed to the preschoolers focused on communication and creating sentences and questions. Well-organized and thought-out, which cares about the student and ensures the parent’s engagement, is key in the learning process.

  • Planned and detailed lesson plans for the whole year
  • Additional revision materials which cement knowledge from lessons
  • Interesting and attractive student book
  • MINI Motivational Exercise Book for children who are just learning to write
  • Immersive stories
  • Fun comics
  • Stickers which enhance learning
  • A well thought-out system supporting the positive motivation of the child
  • E-learning platform and tools supporting online learning

Advantages of the method

Why is it worth teaching Spanish with the Colorín Colorado method?

Learning through play
Each lesson is dynamic and full of positive energy

Learning based on the spiral method principles
Thanks to the systematic and thoughtful repetitions, the student does not forget what they learned a few months ago

Natural method
The child naturally learns many words, expressions, and spontaneous linguistic reactions

Ambitious method
The student gets used to answering whole sentences and asking questions from the first lesson

Drama method
Children act out many scenes through their body language and using puppets. Connecting a given word with movement or music makes it easier to remember words and sentences

Flexible method
The teacher can easily adjust the lesson’s difficulty to the age and ability of students thanks to the incredibly thought-out Colorin Colorado Method

Photojournalistic method
The student is one of the heroes of the textbook and uses his own experiences and photos during lessons

Modern method
The method is supported by new technologies, videos, and an online platform

Why do children love lessons with our robots?

  • Children learn through play.
  • There is lots of singing and song time.
  • Students get to know the nursery rhymes used by native Spanish speaking peers.
  • They are making significant progress. They quickly feel more confident to communicate in Spanish.
  • They work with interesting books which support their motivation.
  • Students follow with interest the stories about Manolito, our main character.
  • Children love the book’s characters, i.e. the boy Manolito and his group of robot friends.
  • Students like games and animated educational videos available on the online platform.

Why do parents value our method?

  • They see that their children are excited to attend lessons.
  • They receive regular reports on the child’s progress.
  • At home, they can support child’s learning on the Rockalingua multimedia platform.
  • Thanks to the developed Pupil’s Motivational Notebook, the parent can at any time find out about child’s learning progress.
  • They have access to short videos on Youtube consistent with the method.

Kids&Co. Quality

Conscious Nutrition
We provide children with nutritious and balanced meals prepared by using the macrobiotic diet principles We avoid sugar and processed food helping children to develop healthy eating habits.
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Education of the Future
We focus on developing skills, which will provide children with courage to navigate in the adult world, enable them to work in jobs that don’t exist today and use tools that haven’t been invented yet.
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Social Skills
Developing proper standards of behaviour is as important as learning to read. We teach children how to confidently explore the world, build proper relationships with others, recognize and control emotions.
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Natural Bilingualism
We use the language immersion technique. From the moment they start their education in our facilities, children are immersed in an English-speaking environment. All-day contact with a foreign language helps them acquire it in a natural way.
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