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Education of the Future

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Our mission is to prepare children for the constantly changing world of the future

Social Skills

We instill good values

At KIDS&Co. we care about children’s emotional and social development

Natural Bilingualism

2000 hours learning English per year

We use the method of early immersion in a manner similar to that in which babies and young children acquire their mother tongue

Conscious Nutrition

Eat well, stay healthy

Developing healthy eating habits and children’s health is our top priority

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Natural Bilingualism
We use the language immersion technique. From the moment they start their education in our facilities, children are immersed in an English-speaking environment. All-day contact with a foreign language helps them acquire it in a natural way.
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Social Skills
Developing proper standards of behaviour is as important as learning to read. We teach children how to confidently explore the world, build proper relationships with others, recognize and control emotions.
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Education of the Future
We focus on developing skills, which will provide children with courage to navigate in the adult world, enable them to work in jobs that don’t exist today and use tools that haven’t been invented yet.
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Conscious Nutrition
We provide children with nutritious and balanced meals prepared by using the macrobiotic diet principles We avoid sugar and processed food helping children to develop healthy eating habits.
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For 19 years, we’ve been setting the highest standards in pre-school education.

At KIDS&Co. kindergartens we’ve developed our original programme of emotional intelligence and social skills development.

We want children to learn critical thinking skills, encourage them to be creative and experiment, and show them how to manage time efficiently.

Our main focus is to teach children mindfulness and develop their ability to listen, respect others and deal with emotions.


In our kindergartens, we teach English using the licensed LEO ENGLISH method

This method is based on unhampered language acquisition; children actively participate in various activities that appeal to their natural curiosity. During classes we sing songs which help children memorize grammatical structures, listen to music, play games, do movement exercises and employ techniques that make learning vocabulary easier.

Space for imagination

Our kindergartens have received many awards and honorable mentions in architectural competitions. When designing our facilities, we aim to ensure children’s safety and stimulate their creativity.

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Parents About Us

Małgorzata Socha
Piotruś and Majka’s mum
The kindergarten provides a nice, peaceful and safe atmosphere. The staff comprises a team of young and devoted teachers, who are fully dedicated to ensuring each child’s well-being. Thanks to the teachers’ creativity, children can pursue their interests by participating in a wide selection of classes and extracurricular activities. That way, children gain invaluable capital for the future: self-acceptance, self-confidence and curiosity about the world.
Justyna Jabłońska
Michalinka and Marcysia’s mum
What can I say about the kindergarten that’s made me change my job? For me and my girls, it’s not a kindergarten but a meeting place, where a new adventure awaits us every day. Thanks to bilingualism and multiculturalism, due to the fact that this facility is a company kindergarten for an international corporation, my kids will leave it with a different, broader, colourful worldview.
Katarzyna Bobrowska
Borys’s mum
I love this kindergarten. Most of all, for fostering children’s curiosity about the world around them, showing them its diversity and unlimited possibilities. I think it’s also important that kids acquire new skills in an open, positive and creative atmosphere.
Joanna Miller
Zosia’s mum
The KIDS&Co. kindergarten is the best place you can possibly imagine for your child. Kids spend their time in a creative way and aren’t bored. As a parent, I know that my child is happy in this kindergarten and I’m not worried about her future.



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