KIDS&Co. – bilingual kindergartens and crèches

We are a nationwide operator specializing in opening and running modern, bilingual corporate and office park kindergartens and crèches. Our mission is to raise a new generation of Poles – entrepreneurial, independent children, who are able to interact in a group, open to the world and its diversity, without fear of looking ahead and prepared for the challenges of school education. We have been realizing our goal for thirteen years by running kindergartens in cooperation with the best developers and employers on the market.

What distinguishes modern KIDS&Co. kindergarten?

  • Our own curriculum – in our work with children we put emphasis on their harmonious development on all levels: from language education through emotional, social, cognitive and motor development.
  • English-language education – as one of the few, we appreciate the innate ability of children to be fast to master the complex language system, that’s why we pay special attention to learning English. In our teaching method, early immersion, children from the moment of starting education in our facilities are “immersed” in English-speaking environment. Our proprietary program assumes all-day contact of children with a foreign language, which makes them absorb it in a natural way and at the moment finishing our bilingual kindergarten, the children are ready fluently communicate in English.
  • Program for development of social skills and emotional intelligence – we support the development of soft skills, such as creativity, communicativeness, teamwork, development of independent thinking, dealing with emotions and effective time management. The development of such skills in the youngest years, in the future will result in free movement in a world that has not yet come, performing professions that have not yet been created and used devices that have not yet they were invented.
  • Macrobiotic nutrition – our goal is to develop healthy eating habits and strengthening the immunity of the young body, that’s why we provide children with high-quality meals prepared in accordance with the principles of macrobiotics. We base our diet on a large amount of vegetables, fruits, fish and groats. We avoid sugar and fat. We prefer steamed meals, composed of seasonal, unprocessed products, without chemical additives.

The development of office parks kindergartens

In order to meet the needs of busy parents, choosing places for new facilities, we are guided by their close proximity to the jobs of potential parents as well as good communication. For this reason, all our private kindergartens are located in well-connected city canters, on the ground floors of modern office buildings. In every location, we are able to provide children with an aesthetic, comfortable playground.

For many years, we have been providing office park kindergartens in Warsaw Trade Tower and Warsaw Spire. In September this year we are opening three further bilingual kindergartens with creche branches in attractive new locations:

  • Warsaw: Generation Park X
  • Wroclaw: Sagittarius Business House
  • Krakow: Enterprise Park

Give your child a place in a unique, bilingual kindergarten or creche today – sign them to one of our new, non-public facilities near your workplace.

Company kindergartens

In response to the growing need for employers to stand out from the competition, the necessity of employing and binding the best employees by providing them with attractive working conditions, we decided to expand our offer with services addressed directly to employers, consisting of a comprehensive, professional help in opening company and corporate kindergartens and crèches.

Cooperation with us means for the business client complete outsourcing, because thanks to a holistic approach to each project we implement, we are able to relieve the employer at every stage of work related to the opening, and then running a kindergarten. The scope of activities covered by cooperation with the client includes:

  • consulting and working out an optimal concept,
  • investment implementation,
  • launching and then taking over full responsibility for running and managing the facility.

The best proof of the effectiveness of our activities is the growing list of clients. From our services have already benefited: FORTE Furniture in Ostrów Mazowiecka and Suwałki, Infosys Poland in Łódź and Nokia in Wrocław.